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Welcome to KPG.
Where power and performance gathers.

Latest News

  • 26

    Third place in the Moreeb Hill climb racing

    In the biggest festival of Moreeb sand Hill in UAE, our team this year has achieved the third place through the red monster with some technical malfunctions, but the Blue Monster was not lucky for a technical malfunction prevented his…
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  • Welcome

    Welcome to KPG world

    We are so honored when you just opened our website to take a tour to get more information about KPG. Our website consists of four sections. First one will give you an idea about KPG, it’s history and how it…
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  • tall2013

    Tal Mureb is coming

    Every year, Liwa Festival held in Abu Dhabi, which has the biggest sand race event in the world, which is called “Tal Mureb”. In this event, the most strongest and fastest cars come from the arabian gulf countries to compete…
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